Month: November 2023

  • 2024 Calendar

    Te Awaroa Helensville Museum’s 2024 Calendar is out now! Celebrating vessels of the South Kaipara; November features the ‘Mahi’ built in 1936 by Viv McLeod and Archie Baker. Fitted with a 27 horse powered engine, her primary role was to tow barges and kauri logs, she also moved sheep and carried passengers. We believe ‘Mahi’…

  • Kaukapakapa Post Office

    ‘Welcome to the old Kaukapakapa Post Office at the Helensville Museum, where you can exclaim, “Oh, remember those scratchy pen nibs we used to dip in inkwells and address our postcards and sign our postal notes with!” Or, “Oh, gosh, I used to operate that manual telephone exchange“. (It went electronic in 1983.) Younger visitors…

  • On the Street Where you Lived

    Many years ago a team of volunteers led by the late Natalie Carroll began gathering information for the project, On the Street Where you Lived. More recently volunteers have word processed all the hand written data and are keen to have more community input into this ongoing project, so that it evolves into a resource…

  • RSA Collection

    We now have on display the War Memorabilia from the Kaipara RSA which is being closed while renovations are being carried out to the building.  This will be an opportunity for those who have not had the chance before to visit and reflect on the lives of the local men and women who served.

  • Coatesville Garden Club

    The Coatesville Garden Club came to visit. They enjoyed exploring our many exhibits and we enjoyed telling them about the history and stories of old Helensville and its development. We’re always glad to meet clubs and societies who have an interest in our shared past.